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Sculpture Esculmaux 53

Sculpture Esculmaux 53


The sculpture Esculmau 53. Small living room resin sculpture in medium format, 53 cm high, it fits perfectly into a quality environment.
“L’Esculmau” or the passion of art in love, is like an offering on the altar of the voluptuous and decadent consumption of an outrageous world.
An allegorical gateway, between gallant love and gourmet art, “l’Esculmau” is not a body, nor a woman, nor an ice cream. It is a "card of the tender", doubly delicious, doubly provoking, suggesting earthly and refined pleasures at the same time as an invitation to rise to the highest, like a mythology of love.

Signed Arson
Numbered /20
Please note that the colors may be altered by the screen. Some minor details, can be changed by the artist.

Choice of color or finish
  • Precaution

    Bien que les sculptures en résine supportent très bien les intempéries, il est déconseillé de les laisser trop exposées à des températures de plus de 50°, comme derrière une vitre en plein soleil ou près d'une source de chaleur (cheminée ou radiateur).

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