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Arson sculpteur contemporain

My passion as a sculptor

how to practice contemporary sculpture


Often, the same questions are asked about my work as a sculptor.
Why did I become an artist and sculptor in particular? Why choose sculpture, when I had started a fine art painting job and wanted to focus on architecture?
Why be represented by online art galleries, world leaders like Artpser or Saatchi and create my website?

Contemporary French sculptor Arson photographed in an art gallery
Arson dans son atelier embrasse son oeuvre en plein processus créatif

In fact, I don't have a precise answer on the choice of sculpture, simply because it is not one. It is my sensitivity, my interest for the material and the object which, little by little, allowed me to express myself through sculpture. I need to work the material whatever it is, I experience a deep pleasure in transforming a clod of earth into a model, in carving a stone or casting metal in a plaster mold that I would have created from a modeling or a size. When I start work in the studio from an idea, an irrepressible desire, I have no idea what the result will be and a fight begins between the material and me.

It happens that I doubt, that I am afraid of going in the wrong direction, of not succeeding because the material will be stronger than my will to bend it, to form it to my wish, that it will refuse to my desire to transform it. This feeling of rejection is very strange and often I have to force it. I can already hear you drawing a parallel with a desired woman. I admit that sculpture is above all a sensual expression that could have with love. In my case, it is the love of women, you will also tell me that this transpires in my works, undeniably.

Les mains du sculpteur Arson préparent du plâtre pour un moulage dans son atelier
Photo d'une sculpture Blanc fermeture éclair sur fond noir

But I would say my work is surrealist poetry and if you call my work iconoclastic, that's a compliment to me. Too much deja vu in today's art, too much already copied and recopied. Too much “gadget” or “deco” art which the galleries abound and to which I prefer the art of an expression of opinion, at a time when we are advised not to have any. The freedom of thought, the freedom to do, the freedom to say having become a mortal sin, in a world without dreams and without a future, art is still a possible support.

Paola sculpture exhibited outdoors at the foot of the village of Gordes

"Paola" 2,50m x 3 m

At the foot of the village of Gordes in Provence Luberon

What could be more beautiful, what could be more exciting than my work as a sculptor?

In general, all my sculptures are sculpted or made from clay modeling. The sculpture made, I make a mold to make prints, in resin or metal, bronze or pewter. Can you tell me why prints and not unique pieces? Of course I have a lot of unique works, but they are actually more expensive.

All my different scale reproductions, like the Esculmaux family, are specific sculptures and not a simple 3D reproduction. The 53 model will be more feminine than the 230 model, the same for the others.

Gros plan d'un moulage de sculpture en forme de fesses

Few of the artists can make a living easily from their work. This is why I created my online sculpture gallery and, although I am present in a few art galleries run by friends, although of course I have done many exhibitions in art fairs, I want to be able to be in direct contact with amateurs or collectors who appreciate my sculpture work. It is a virtual art gallery of course, but it can lead you to my studio, in the South of France, where, after having lived for fifty years in Gordes in Vaucluse Provence, I am now based in Bouchet, a charming little village on the Côtes du Rhône route, in Drôme Provençale, where you will get to know my surroundings and where I would be pleased to welcome you. You will come to see me, still in Provence, in the middle of the magnificent vineyards of Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Châteauneuf du Pape and so many other delicacies, like the truffle market of Richerenches, the festival of Grignan, the chorégies of Orange, the country of Mont Ventoux and so much splendor on these lands of the South where I am happy to work my art. I expect you there.

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