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Gros plan sur les mains du sculpteur Arson en plein travail de moulage

In the sculpture studio of Arson

French sculptor

''My studio is a refuge where all my dreams come true. It is there that I let my imagination run wild, to come up with a world invisible to most.
I will gladly welcome you there, if you so desire''.

Sculptor Arson shaping a butt sculptor
Zoom on the hands of sculptor Arson preparing the plaster for a casting
Suitcase sculptures in Arson’s workshop
Arson, modern sculptor artist in his workshop
A casting of buttocks by Arson sculptures
Arson contemporary French sculptor alongside an XXL work
Sculptor in his workshop
Sensual sculpture

The development of a sculpture, from inspiration to the work of the material

The candy

When I start work in the workshop from an idea, from an irrepressible desire, I have no idea what the result will be and a fight begins between the material and me. It happens that I doubt, that I am afraid of going in the wrong direction, of not succeeding because the matter will be stronger than my will to bend it, to form it to my wish, that it will refuse itself to my desire to transform it.


Gluttony is a safe bet and sweet candy, a need to allay the anxieties that this crazy world imposes on us. Let's opt for poetry, love and gluttony with gourmet art ... Long live the sweets and the sweetness they give us.

A buttock candy sculpture being developed
A candy butt sculpture being colorized
A candy butt sculpture seen from behind being made in Arson's workshop
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