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Sculpture Paola d'Arson représentant des fesses

Writings and readings

Arson's writings

Detective story
Detective novel dedication

"Sur le cœur",
Arson's first novel

This novel is described by the author as a social thriller, it is a journey among today's humans, in their present, jostled by daily necessities, cramped in the space left to them by a world that has become uncontrolled.

This first novel was born from the feeling that for about forty years, the human being is no longer at the center of political issues as it may have been at the end of the Second World War. It has become a monetary value, a profitability value, a consumer. The primary values of exchanges and solidarity are replaced by laws and organizations, supposed to correct abandonment and selfishness that the law of the market (labor or financial) exacerbates, but by aggravating loneliness, to the point that our rulers invent for us the neighbours' party, the music festival and a whole host of entertainments, such as football, the supreme indicator of the moral state of the country. The need for overconsumption for the system to stand up, induces criminal individual behavior and leads to an increasingly violent society.

A cry of what many have on their hearts. A reality of the present time

The square of Arson's writings

Incorrect but mischievous drawings by Arson
Impertinent, loving and licentious texts.
lettre à Voltaire
Novel writing

Informative readings

On the buttocks in art throughout history and in all its expressions.

You can find these books in all the good bookstores and uninhibit lovers of beautiful buttocks who dare not display it.

Literature on buttocks in art history
Art book cover on the buttock by Jean Loup Siep
Cover of In Praise of the Buttocks by Hans-Jürgen Döpp
Cover of the essay Buttocks by Bernadette Gruson
Cover of In Praise of Spanking by Jacques Serguine
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