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View of three sculptures Les Dégonflées by Arson Sculptures
tree sculpture

Contemporary works d'Arson

a new look

When the artist-sculptor draws from the history of art and classical sculptures, from ancient art to romanticism, to bring them a contemporary touch... When the classic rubs shoulders with the contemporary for a modern reinterpretation, a bit impertinent. Discover Arson's themed sculptures.

A tree sculpture

The deflated

The series of sculptures ''the deflated'' is a cry, The series of sculptures ''the deflated'' is a cry, the expression of disarray on three major themes.


''Atlas, the paralyzed titan''. It is the catastrophic situation of the world and the destruction of the balances necessary for life on our planet that he denounces with this committed sculpture. Do not mean by this an "ecological" cry or so in two evils, like a logical echo, because sometimes the remedy of these is worse than the evil they claim to treat.

''David wanders vaguely'' is for the sculptor a reflection of the current art world, superficial and elitist, where the signature of a piece is more important than the piece itself, in a market of outrageous speculation. See Ruben Östlund's excellent film "The Square", which deals with the subject of the world of the art market, in an absolutely remarkable and enlightened way.



''Inliberty watching over the world'' The sculpture of "the statue of freedom", here deformed by suffering, symbolizes the headlong rush from taboos, obligations of all kinds, repressions and checks on peoples , undermining individual freedom on a thousand fallacious pretexts of economic crises, pandemics, terrorism, war. Like a new mantra that would say "fear them and infantilize them". of confusion on three major themes.

Modern sculpture Atlas the paralyzed titan by Arson Sculptures

Atlas, the paralyzed titan

Despite its titanic efforts for two thousand years, Atlas is like the earth, exhausted. Century after century he supports it with the men who shape it so badly, mistreat it, always demanding more of it, increasing its burden to the point that he decides to abandon it and its irresponsible inhabitants, to its fate. Without him and Zeus who, despite everything, sees to the proper execution of his sentence and, since men have no common sense, the world will collapse under the weight of the inculturated overpopulation, hungry for ever more consumption, filth and violence that this society, where people confuse the price with the value of things or men, engenders.

David wanders vaguely

Emblematic sculpture of the Renaissance, David is tired of the "warholization" of the so-called "contemporary" art world, disrespectful and outrageous, where the ugly competes with the "ready made" in all sauces ' 'Campbell', where the portraits of stars, of Marilyne or Steve McQueen, the repainted bulldogs, the poparized Mickeys, unscrupulously streetarized, delight decorators... It fades away as it sags. Slowly he deflates in front of this hollow world without ideal, without dreams and without future. Art is the reflection of the world.

Modern David Blue Klein Sculpture by Arson Sculptures
Sculpture of Inliberty watching over the world by Arson sculptures

l'inliberté watching over the world

"Inliberty" takes on its full meaning today, when the worst prophecies of Orwell or Uxley are revealed thanks to events constructed and accepted by draconian laws such as never existed in times of peace. Insofar as these liberticidal laws and the control of the masses are, in fact, fraudulently legitimized by the governance and consented to by the population, which accepts its servitude by abandoning it to itself, freedom folds, opening up to many new slavery.

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