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Esculmau 105 Robe Jaune

Esculmau 105 Robe Jaune


Resin sculpture Height 1.05 m x width 0.35 m x Depth 0.20 m’’

The Esculmau'' or the passion of art in love, is like an offering on the altar of the voluptuous and decadent consumption of an outrageous world. Allegorical gateway, between gallant love and greedy art, '' the Esculmau'' is not a body, nor a woman, nor a mirror. It is a "card of the tender", doubly delicious, doubly provoking, suggesting earthly and refined pleasures at the same time as an invitation to rise to the highest, like a mythology of love.

Signed Arson,

Please note that the colors may be altered by the screen. Some minor details, can be changed by the artist.

  • Precaution

    Although resin sculptures withstand bad weather very well, it is not recommended to leave them too exposed to temperatures of more than 50°, such as behind glass in direct sunlight or near a heat source (fireplace or radiator).

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