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'' David rambles vaguely ''

'' David rambles vaguely ''


In the series of sculptures `` the deflated ''


On demand


'' David rambles vaguely '' Emblematic sculpture of the Renaissance, David is tired of the '' warholization '' of the art world, disrespectful and outrageous, where the ugly competes with the '' ready made '' in every way '' Campbell '', where the portraits of stars, Marilyne or Steeve Mc Queen, repainted bulldogs and poparized, streetarized Mickeys are the delight of decorators… He fades by sagging. Slowly he deflates in front of this hollow world without ideal, without dreams and without future.


Bronze or resin sculpture with finishing options. High. 60 cm. Signed numbered / 8 + 4 EA in bronze and / 20 in resin.

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