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Horse sculpture

Horse sculpture

12 500,00 €Price

The sculpture of the rider embodies a fusion between the majestic strength of this animal and the timeless elegance of a chess piece. By choosing this subject, the artist captured the duality between the raw power and finesse characteristic of the horse. The artist's inspiration is rooted in the balance between nature and strategy of the game of chess. Arson's idea was to create a thought-provoking work, inspiring viewers to explore the complexity of existence through the eyes of a horse, while hinting at the strategy and planning required in the game of chess.


The horse sculpture rises like a visual epic, where each curve reveals the essence of the movement captured, in eternity frozen in matter. Arson, in a sublime alliance of technical mastery and inspiration, has created a piece that transcends the simple status of an art object to become sculpted poetry. The strength of the horse is combined with infinite grace. The artist was able to capture the duality of life, capturing the moment where raw vigor meets eternal elegance. Inspiration draws from the majestic nature of the horse and the relentless strategy of chess. An epic symbiosis is established, where each line and hollow are so many metaphors, inviting the observer to dive into a visual story where beauty becomes a quest for profound truth. The emotions, through this work, resonate like a timeless song. Contemplation in the face of equine grandeur, admiration in front of the virtuosity of the artist and meditation on the mysteries of life intertwine in an emotional whirlwind. This sculpture, like a revealed enigma, transcends the simple material to become an exhilarating sensory and intellectual experience.


This sculpture is made of resin. Color according to palette or RAL at your request.

Dimensions: approx. High. 2m x 0.90m x 0.30m.


Available from March 2024.

Already on pre-order.

Choice of color or finish
  • Exposure.

    This piece can be exhibited indoors or outdoors. 

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