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Why buy art?

Images de sculptures contemporaines
Why buy art? Above all, for your pleasure

Why buy art?

Above all, for your pleasure and out of passion. What would the world be without art? Without sculptures in our parks and gardens, without paintings, without the colors of graphs on the walls, sometimes very beautiful, thanks to very talented street-art artists. There are even on some roundabouts, or highways, things that give another shine, a touch of color that enhances the place. For me, a French sculptor, art is a gift more precious than any other fortune, just after the essentials of water and air and some Italian pasta. First of all, the happiness of beauty, of meaning, of wonder, of form and of colours. Besides, the meaning is not necessarily joyful and some of my sculptures or my paintings, corresponding to certain times that are sometimes difficult for all of us, are not light and speak of what hurts. But we must also look at what is not going well and propose a reflection on it, such as what is good with the colors of life and the joy they bring.

contemporary art is a market that can be speculative. But, as in the stock market, you have to be an expert in art, know how to play and bet on long-term values. Many fads on certain well-known artists are illusory and ultimately worthless investments. you have to measure time in an investment and that of art is not that of news magazines. Art history is full of examples of famous artists who rose in pecuniary value long after their demise. In this case, we can speak of a safe haven investment, but many of those I mentioned above will be forgotten.

Artistic creation is above all an outlet for the artist, a way to transcend himself and achieve happiness and fulfillment in front of a work of which he will be proud. Art galleries have of course an essential role in the development of a modern artist, but unfortunately, today this commitment is rare and many claiming to be gallery owners are in fact only shopkeepers with no relation to the world and the the history of art.

Rare are the art galleries or the collectors who will allow an artist to live from his art. It is not enough to exhibit an artist, you have to love and understand him to defend him and sell him of course. A work of art is made by two people, on the one hand by the artist and on the other by the person who contemplates it. She must seduce him or move him, she must speak to him, make him question himself. This is the difference between contemporary art, modern sculpture or current painting and living room decoration, a work of art is not insignificant, it must tell something to its collector.

By buying a work of art, first of all, treat yourself, the rest is incidental and, just as well, you will have also made a good deal. What I like above all is to create a link with my collectors. I am happy when a buyer expresses to me his pleasure in owning one of my works of sculpture.

So thank you to all of you, thank you for your trust, enjoy your visit and welcome to my world.


Le Sculpteur Arson sur une plage de Nice
Arson devant sa sculpture "Esculmau"


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