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Sculpture the plank tree.

Arson, what is this Plank tree sculpture all about? I come to you as an artist, as a sculptor and, as a man, sensitive to the disasters we have unleashed, to share a work that carries a crucial warning about our relationship with nature. A sculpture that I created with passion and conviction, the sculpture of a denatured iron tree, a powerful representation of the fragility of nature, faced with our unbridled quest for profit. The tree, this pillar of life and renewal, is at the heart of this sculpted piece. Its square steel shape evokes an alarming distortion, a warning to remind us that nature, our source of life, is precious and fragile. If we continue to neglect it and exploit it without regard, we risk breaking this sacred bond that unites us to it.

This contemporary sculpture indicates the full place of art in the history of man, from prehistoric Venus to the present day. Art is a legacy that will leave traces of the best of men, a link between the spiritual and the necessary materialism. An artist alert we need to hear.

Our modern world, hungry for material wealth, has sometimes forgotten the vital importance of trees and the nature that surrounds us. This sculpture is a striking reminder that trees are not just decorative elements, but essential guardians of our ecological balance. They provide us with clean air, harbor incredible biodiversity, and preserve our natural heritage for generations to come.

This work invites reflection, a moment of introspection where we realize that our actions have serious consequences on the environment. This sculpture warns against indifference, encouraging us to protect nature as we protect our own lives.

The single leaf of this metallic tree sculpture is the symbol of a note of hope and resistance to rampant industrialization and superprofits. By admiring this sculpture, let us realize that nature depends on our respect and our commitment to it.

I invite you to contemplate this work of art with your hearts and minds open, to listen to the message that this sculpture suggests. This denatured iron tree is much more than a simple contemporary sculpture, it is a call to action for all, an alarm bell in the face of the potential destruction of our ecosystem and therefore of our own life on earth.

May we, as stewards of our planet, choose, through strong awareness, the path of responsibility and preservation. Let's save our forests, protect our trees, and prepare for a future where nature will regain its essential place in our lives.

Let's get back to the nature of things and stop antagonizing it.

Once again, I invite you to let yourself be carried away by this artistic warning, this eloquent dance of steel that evokes the silent cry of the trees.


Sculpture L'Arbre à planches
L'Arbre à planches

Sculpture l'arbre à planches
L'Arbre à planches

Feuille sculptée
Sculpture L'Arbre à planches

Emplacement de la sculpture arbre à planches
sculpture L'Arbre à planches

Emplacement Mairie de la sculpture arbre à planches
sculpture arbre à planches


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