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Love contemporary art

Art is a gift. Just imagine the environment without works of art to be convinced. Sculpture is a marker in public space and Art in general, modern or classical, whatever, indicates the cultural level of the country where it is displayed. Behind an Art gallery window or in a square, roundabout or avenue, in a museum, Art is and should be visible everywhere. Art is a gift that we give ourselves, collectively through public choices or individually, by offering to ourselves or to others, we give pleasure, joy and dreams. Art conveys his imagination and embellishes life. We need to dream, a beautiful work which will be able to move us, will carry us away. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Many remain insensitive to Art and sculpture in particular. Yet the world would be much better off if we admired artists more than a dictator or a game console.

Some uneducated or narrow-minded frustrated people, speaking of my sculpture, say that I do "ass" (?). However, if we know a little about the history of Art, we know that museums are filled with pairs of buttocks, since the prehistoric origins of sculpture, the woman is represented naked, like a goddess, then always buttocks, particularly those of men elsewhere, among the Greeks. In the 18th and 19th centuries, we would never have said that I do "ass", but probably sensual and romantic sculptures, with buttocks certainly, but love, beauty, romanticism, sensuality, are not lacking. I invite these characters to visit a little more contemporary or classical art museums, such as the Louvre and many others, to get a different idea of ​​buttocks and sensuality in Art, than on their pornographic channel. favorite. I am fortunate that my sculpture enchants many art lovers, to whom it speaks. People sensitive to delicacy, imagination and originality in a world of contemporary Art of replicas and copies, who no longer dare to invent anything, nor to say anything, on the pretext that we must do what is right. sells. Thanks to all my fans. Arson


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