Why buy art?

First of all, for your pleasure and for passion. What would the world be without art? Without sculptures in our parks and gardens, without paintings, without the colors of graphs on the walls, sometimes very beautiful, thanks to very talented street art artists. There are even on some roundabouts, or highway pavement, things that give another sparkle, a touch of color that embellishes the place. For me art is a gift more precious than any other fortune, just after the essentials of water and air and some Italian pasta. First of all, the happiness of beauty, meaning, wonder, shape and colors. The meaning is not necessarily happy and some of my sculptures or my paintings, corresponding to certain periods and sometimes difficult for all of us, are not light and speak of what hurts. But you also have to look at what is wrong and offer reflection, as what feels good with the colors of life and the joy they bring.

art is a market that can be speculative. But, like in the stock market, you have to be an expert in art, know how to play and bet on long-term values. A lot of fad effects on certain artists are illusory and ultimately worthless investments. you have to measure time in an investment and that of art is not that of news magazines. The history of art is full of examples of artists who gained pecuniary value long after their demise. In this case, we can talk about a safe haven investment, but many of those I mentioned above will be forgotten. Artistic creation is above all an outlet for artists, a way to transcend themselves and achieve happiness and fulfillment in front of a work of which they will be proud. Galleries have of course an essential role in the development of an artist, but unfortunately today this commitment is rare and many claiming to be gallery owners are in fact only shopkeepers unrelated to the world and the history of art. Few are those who will allow an artist to make a living from his art. It is not enough to exhibit an artist, you have to love and understand him to defend him and of course sell him. By buying yourself a work of art, first of all indulge yourself, the rest is incidental and, just as well, you will have made a good deal. What I like above all is to create a link with my collectors. I am happy when a buyer expresses his pleasure in owning one of my works. So thank you to all of you, thank you for your confidence and enjoy your visit to my site. Arson

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Le monde de l' art est un marché financier refuge à l’échelle mondiale. Les nombreuses ventes d'art  en expositions réelles ou en ligne, expositions temporaires ou à l’année permettant la vente d'art, où tous ces artistes qui exposent, émergents, jeunes artistes, peintres, plasticien, artistes-peintres, artistes contemporains de Street-art, d’ art moderne, artistes représentés ou pas, par des galeristes pour lesquels la création artistique est une passion, qui leur permet d' exposer des artistes en lesquels ils croient, exposer et vendre bien-sûr, en offrant une exposition collective, ou parfois la mise en valeur d’un seul artiste par des expositions ciblées ou à thème, dans tous types d' espace d' exposition dédiés à la sculpture, l’art photographique, le Pop-art ou abstrait, en fait dans tout nouvel espace, comme Arts factory, où les collectionneurs du monde entier, amateurs d' art contemporain et de Beaux-Arts, pourront faire jouer leurs talents d’investisseurs et pas que dans le bronze, de vernissage en vernissages d' art gallery aux expositions d' art contemporains en passant par tout centre d art où les visuels de la création contemporaine pourront attirer ses passions de collectionneur averti et passer à l'achat d'art.


Chers collectionneurs avertis, vous êtes ici, sur le site d'un sculpteur Français, en Provence, alors profitez d’une bonne visite sur mon site, pour réaliser un bel achat d'art., avant de venir me voir dans mon atelier.  A bientôt sous le soleil  et dans les belles vignes de Provence.

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