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Children's TV show advertises RFID chip

Posted: Apr 25, 2016 10:44 AM PDT

In recent months, we can observe how our mainstream media have been promoting the implantation in the human body of the RFID chip (i.e. radio frequency identification chip) in unison:

My chip

I don't want an RFID chip *

I want to live near the cows

My naps under the olive tree,

The world needs to know

This horror, they want to 'chip' us.

We are just numbers

In a crazy world

Asleep by the newspapers, stunned by the news,

But when will we revolt?

Time to fuck up

This dehumanized world,

Which ruins men and the earth

Led by crazy people.

I want a superb life

The one that smells, rich in flavors,

Can still lose myself

Without GPS, and even be afraid of it,

A life that tastes good,

Despite your standards on the chabichou

Not even scared of you dark fools

You are not worth the blade,

Despite your capital,

Who will cut off your heads, which the people demand.

I don't want them to know

That I like such music,

Or, that I love you

That I am agnostic ...

That I tell them shit

And their Talmudic law

That they bump into Ganymede

It’s the same as biblical

Well ... they fuck us up.

I want people to leave me alone

And tell these buggers

With all my respect,

How short is their life and their victory is Pyrrhic,

It's their descendants who will pay for it,

Let them put away their flyers, swallow their rubbish

Come on guys, it's your kids you have to think about,

Leave them alone, erase this hiatus,

Think about the world you will leave to them,

I refuse yours, because I already have my chip.

* RFID (i.e. radio frequency identification chip).


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